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You can apply for birth, marriage, and death certificates for events that occurred in Alberta only. You must be eligible to apply. (See Certificate Application for eligibility information). You will need to provide Acceptable Identification.

You can complete the application ahead of time by clicking the button below:


To be acceptable, the proof of identity document must meet the following requirements. There are no exceptions.

  • The identification document provided must be an original (photocopies and faxes are not acceptable).

  • The identification document must have been issued by one of the following:

    • Provincial or territorial government of Canada (e.g., Government of Alberta, etc.)

    • Government of Canada

    • Non-Canadian government (province/state/federal government, e.g., Government of California, Government of the USA, Government of Australia, etc.)

  • The identification document must contain all the following:

    • A photo of the person (the person must resemble their photo)

    • The person's full name (first and last name)

    • A distinct identification number

  • Identification that expires must be valid at the time it is provided.

  • Identification that does not expire must have been issued within the last 5 years

If the document is in a language other than English, you must provide a notarized English translation including an affidavit from the translator stating the translation is accurate.


If you do not have acceptable ID, someone you know can act as your designated agent and apply for a Vital Statistics record or service for you using their acceptable ID. The following conditions apply:

  • You must have known your designated agent for at least one year

  • Your designated agent must provide their own acceptable ID for your application

  • The application and consent portions of the application form must be completed by you

  • The statutory declaration portion of the application form must be signed by your designated agent in front of a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths

  • A designated agent cannot be used for all Vital Statistics applications and services. For example, a designated agent cannot be used to apply for an Alberta marriage licence.


A Marriage Licence must be obtained prior to being married. The marriage licence is only valid in the Province of Alberta and is only valid for 90 days. Both parties must come to a Registry Office with Acceptable Identification to have the license issued. If either party has been married before, the Certificate of Divorce must be presented (Divorce Judgement is NOT acceptable) 
You can fill out the Marriage Licence application form ahead of time by clicking on the form below.


A legal change of name is required when you wish to alter the name that appears on your birth registration. (This does not apply when you are assuming a new last name through marriage or common-law relationship). The Legal Change of Name Application and the required documents are available on the Service Alberta Website.

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